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History   The company was formed in 2007 to service the specialist technical requirements of the water and waste water treatment and delivery.

What We Can Do    
GROMENG is an engineering company that is specialist at carrying out concept establishment, feasibility studies and business cases. It can carry out detailed estimates and tender. It can design, draft and specify works. It has a strong project management focus and is able to deliver works on time, and to budget safely. it can construct complex multi disciplined works up to $2M in value. Government approvals can be obtained.

Particular skills   include, earthworks, concrete works, steel works, access, mechanical, control and electrical works.

Particular applications   include lagoon treatment, aeration systems, mechanical screens, reed beds, recycled rainwater and drainage water, filtration, UV, chemical dosing and disinfection, tanks, pumping systems and pipelines, DAFF and membranes.

recycle tank

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